Our Blue Water Experience
We invite you to take advantage of our expertise!

Blue Water 01We are Your Choice for Blue Water Boats! At RogueWave Yacht Sales, we specialize in offshore-capable, blue water, ocean going sailing vessels. Whether you are in the market for a used high quality ocean-capable sailing vessel, or you are ready to sell your voyager, we provide unbiased technical expertise. The picture is of Xiphias, a famous Bristol Channel Cutter owned by an English yachtsman and accomplished sailor of many ocean miles. Gosh, we sold her in Phuket Thailand!

Take advantage of our experience whether you are buying or selling your boat. We know sailing! and Cruising! and Living Aboard! Our experience is gained from working in the marine industry for several decades, from commercial fishing in the North Atlantic, to living aboard and sailing many miles. We've owned many high quality vessels and we participate actively in the sailing community sharing time with fellow sailors while exchanging ideas on what works and doesn't. You gain the advantage of our experience. You can trust the advice and judgment from sailors who have owned, maintained, and sailed many high caliber cruising vessels.

Our Invitation to Take Advantage of our Expertise!

This page is but a snapshot of our "take" on offshore capable vessels large and small. We invite you to search here for your dream boat, and we would love to help you acquire her.

Hallberg-Rassy, Valiant, Alden, Little Harbor, Norseman 447 or 400, Pacific Seacraft, Tashiba, Taswell, Tayana, Mason, Hylas, Stevens, Bristol Channel Cutter, and depending on your budget... Morris, Alden, Oyster, Little Harbor, Bristol, Bowman, Farr and even Hinckley.

Cruising Around!

Blue Water 08At one time long ago we were able to live aboard for months at a time and still run our business. We owned HR53 for three years and sailed far. We owned beautiful Bristol Channel Cutters and with them sailed far. Now you will find us delivering vessels that we list and sell. We love to sail when we can.

We might find you out there while we are delivering a boat here or there. We have had some amazing deliveries from the Netherlands to the Med! Puerto Rico to Annapolis! Dozens of deliveries from Maine to Annapolis, and many more South to someplace warm.

If you don't find both of us, you'll find Bernie! He has delivered so many boats so many places and you'll definitely meet him if he is near you! Kate, that is me, might be minding the store, and we will answer the phone for you when you call.

We definitely love sailing!

Living Aboard!

Blue Water 02Bernie owned and lived aboard the last-built Valiant 40 "Solstice" for eight years and made over 20 voyages up and down the East Coast, mostly single-handed. There was even a winter run down the coast on the Valiant 40 Solstice!
The Valiant is truly among the very best ocean cruisers in existence. The classic Bob Perry design and solid Valiant construction makes this classic yacht ideal for a cruising couple. We'd enjoy helping you find or sell your Valiant. There have been more successful husband & wife circumnavigations aboard a Valiant 40 than any other sailing vessel ever built.

Blue Water 03Bernie owned a PSC34, sailed her hard as far south as the Caribbean, and throughout the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico. I also lived aboard her while working for NASA at the Cape in Florida, so we had plenty of time getting to know her. We've sold quite a few Pacific Seacraft, Bill Crealock-designed boats. We definitely know the boats well. You can trust us to represent you buying or selling your Pacific Seacraft vessel. Please give me the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for Pacific Seacraft with you.

Blue Water 04Bernie owned a Norseman 447 a long time ago. She was the most amazing boat... a beautiful Bob Perry designed, TaShing built boat. While each part of the world has its renowned builders of high quality yachts, you'll find that Ta Shing turns out yachts of quality comparable to Morris, Hinckley, Alden and even Hallberg Rassy. These yachts, whether Tashiba, Mason, Taswell, or any other TaShing-built yacht, offer incredible value as they are often priced 15% to 20% less than more well known builders of the Western world. We've listed and sold many yachts from Ta Shing. We have a track record with Ta Shing designs. Having owned one, lived on one and raised a family while sailing the Pacific many years ago.

Blue Water 05So many great blue water boats. Lots of great Bob Perry boats are out there sailing really far. The Tayana is a great boat. There are so many beautiful Tayana 37s out there still floating and sailing far. The Tayana 48 or 52 is quite amazing and always a lot of boat for the money. These vessels are built strong, attention to detail is there, they built enough of them to get them right and when a great designer as Bob Perry is behind most of them, how can anyone go wrong. We've sold so many of these wonderful boats to happy cruisers.

Blue Water 09Tough little boats! Kate owned the Bristol Channel Cutter "Aloha", hull number 95 and sailed her single handed on the Chesapeake Bay. Together we fixed her up and sailed her far; down to the Gulf of Mexico and Bahamas. She is a most beautiful, ocean capable pilot cutter designed by Lyle Hess to go anywhere in the world. While many BCCs cruise the World's oceans with a single-hander or a couple aboard, a BCC is equally happy sailing in the light air or thunderstorms on the Chesapeake Bay. Or just being loved. We sold Aloha to a deserving sailor and she lives in New England now. We owned Indigo, the most expensive BCC ever built. Maybe you saw her at the boat show in 2005. We specialize in traditional ocean cruising yacht designs. We like a yacht that is strong, safe, and comfortable to sail. We've sold well over 60 BCCs over the past ten years and we would love to help you find your BCC, or find a home for the BCC that has served you well.

Great Boats!

Blue Water 06Able, Morris, Alden, Oyster, Little Harbor, Bristol, Bowman, Farr and Hinckley. We are proud of the fact that we sold every one of these types of extreme high caliber, yacht quality, sailing vessels. These designers and builders turn out yachts second to none. They look as beautiful at anchor as they do under sail. Every area of these yachts reflect a sense of purpose of design, and are there for individuals that appreciate and understand quality, no matter what the cost is to attend them. We have sold an Apogee 51, Little Harbor 53, Oyster, Northwind 55, Farr 50, besides a dozen others. Check out our Exciting Deliveries section to see some of the great boats we've sailed far.

RogueWave Yacht Sales is Definitely Your Choice for Blue Water Boats!

Blue Water 07We've helped so many people find a good boat to meet there needs. Many times, they have never even heard of the boat we recommended for them. There are many specials vessels we have sold and each one of these yachts was introduced and was presented to people who hired us to find them a great boat. We definitely have a unique approach. We are definitely consultants first. We can surely help you find your boat! We love it when it is "love at first sight". I don't believe we have failed once.

References are always available upon request. We have loads of happy clients!