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RogueWave Yacht Sales specializes in working with you as your buyer's agent. As full and participating members of the Yacht Brokers Association of America, we earn our fee through commission paid by the seller. You pay nothing. We are fully certified and licensed and bonded to act as your agent in your interest. We can help you with every aspect of boat buying from the beginning stages of your planning to getting financing preapproval, to helping you define your requirements, selecting possible vessels, inspecting them, submitting your offer negotiating for you, assisting you with the hiring of your surveyor, supporting you through the survey and sea trial. We are there working for your through the entire purchase process. We hold your deposit on our escrow account. We handle the closing for you. We ensure that you have clear title through Coast Guard Documentation and/or State Registration. And most importantly, we do everything to make sure that your experience is a wonderful beginning to your boat ownership. This is supposed to be really fun!

RogueWave is a unique brokerage and consulting firm. Many of our clients come to us wondering which boat they should by. We can help you find the very best boat you can possibly choose to support your sailing vision, your needs and the requirements of the sea and your budget.

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